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yumyumcha wrote
on March 30th, 2012 at 07:33 am

The Hunger Games


Unfortunately, the Hunger Games is not about a buffet and less like Battle Royale and more like 2 episodes of Star Trek, Arena and A Taste of Armageddon. Yes, I've read the comparisons but the tone is completely different like a twinkie and tira misu. Poor Katniss, she lives in a bleary society where the 99% dress like they shop at the store Anthropology while the ruling 1% class wear bright clothes from the 80's and rock crazy looking mustache beards. Because they can. There crazy dressed people can also have the so called "hunger games" where 2 kids from different poor districts compete in a game where they kill each other in a forest arena just for their entertainment. The kids are chosen by lottery but Katniss volunteers as a result of her younger sisters name being chosen. Fortunately, Katniss is like Robin Hood or Hawkeye so she does pretty well not to mention the 2 more books she appears in after this.

Did I like this movie: Sure, why not.
What I learned: Throwing her a piece of bread in the rain won't make her love you. But announcing it in front of a billion people on tv might.

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